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VietMark: 10+1 Years


Established since 2006, and selected teambuilding as the focus among other travelling services such as tourism, event… VietMark has been increasingly asserted its position the tourism market.

To be in the Top 10 medium and small excellent travel company in the year of 2016 awarded by Tourism Department of Ho Chi Minh is an evidence to perpetual efforts of VietMark staffs.

4 consecutive years of receiving “The extremely successful Business Enterprise” award.

This is the fourth consecutive year; VietMark has received the reputable award of of Ho Chi Minh Tourism Industry awarded for enterprises that have been making great efforts in business operation, contributing to the development of tourism industry in the whole country.

Moreover, the prize recognizes and gives honor for enterprises not only in their efforts but also in remaining and developing their brands as well as promoting and introducing Ho Chi Minh Travel industry’s images to domestic and inbound visitors with international friends.

Mr. Do Tuan Anh - Director of VietMark shared: "Each guest coming to us will have a travel plan, a different team building plan. Many customers supposed that we are quite strict in making plans, but when the cooperation is on, they know that we want to bring them the best value and efficiency. "

Mr. Tuan Anh added that among the thousands of companies making teambuilding, VietMark was one of the first companies to do this model. With the motto of making teambuilding during 11 years of business, VietMark understands and desires to reposition the market of teambuilding because many people do not follow the true spirit of this type.

Recently, in addition to the market for teambuilding and events for domestic customers, over the past 11 years VietMark has been also developing inbound teambuilding products and events for partners from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Russia...

Furthermore, VietMark is focusing on developing outbound teambuilding products and events for local businesses while traveling abroad. "To do this, we have to carefully study the target markets, for instance, we must thoroughly understand the culture of Thailand before planning outbound teambuilding for our clients. Besides, the staff including professional guides together with good knowledge of foreign languages enables VietMark to develop this high- quality product line, "- said Mr. Tuan Anh.

The philosophy of receiving and giving of VietMark

Being a pioneer in charitable activities requires the urgent contribution of enterprises, VietMark considers social responsibility, and charity work as the company’s culture.

Lately, water droplets for the western salt-marsh, wells for the people in dry places of Central Highlands, school supplies on Tho Chau Island ... and many programs to help poor studious students, there has been always VietMark attendance on the humanity battlefield.

"I built the philosophy of receiving and giving it from the early days of the company establishment and gradually it has become our corporate culture. Making values are not only for ourselves but for the society, "- shared Mr. Tuan Anh – the director and founder of VietMark.

The staff of VietMark Travel is always highly appreciated in being professional, good at foreign language, collective consiousness and volunteer spirit of each individual.

"Teambuilding are not just fun activities, but an indoor, outdoor training program through simulation games, which often involves a final lesson learned by the participants, or the message of the leaders want to spread to all the members of their organization” - Mr. Do Tuan Anh – the director and founder of VietMark



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